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Sony Ericsson Z600: please can i have the unlocking code for the sony ericsson k600 at the moment its on o2 but i would like to change to tmobile. ... [read more]

Motorola V3: hi, does anyone know how to get my call barring off my v3 (vodafone network)i've never used call barring but my 7yr old grandson decided to play with my phone and now i can't make or recieve calls, ... [read more]

Siemens CX65: hi i need help with my phone, it was worldwide unlocked but its asking for the sp number.... what does sp number stands for and could you give me the number... please i'm desperate : /... [read more]

NEC N900iG: i have foma n900ig and i whant to know haw to unlock it for swedesh network. also i need new battery and a charger. thanks... [read more]

Alcatel OT 735: Hi ... I have locked my phone(not sim) after i switch it on,then enter the pin,it says:enter telephone code ??? can you help ? thnx .. kevin... [read more]

Garmin-Asus Garminfone: i have this cell by 3 year and want to unblock. how is then cost for the unlock code ? ... [read more]

Siemens C75: saed... [read more]

Motorola W395: i nead unlock coads for motorola wx395 if any one have tnx... [read more]

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