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Nokia N70 Features

UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2Q, 2005
Coming Soon
108.8 x 53 x 21.8 mm, 95.9 cc
126 g
TFT, 256K colors
176 x 208 pixels
- Five-way scroll key
- Downloadable themes
Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, True Tones

Call records
Card slot
RS-DV-MMC, 64 MB card included, hotswap
- 35 MB shared memory for applications, SMS, MMS, ringtones
Symbian OS 8.1a , Series 60 UI
Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
Data speed
236.8 kbps (EDGE)
SMS, MMS, EMail, Instant Messaging
Infrared port
Yes + Java downloadable

2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, flash; secondary video call VGA camera
- Bluetooth
- Push to talk
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Video calling and download
- MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
- WAP 2.0
- xHTML/HTML browser
- Pop-Port with USB
- FM Radio
- T9
- Voice command/memo
- PIM including calendar, to-do list and printing
- Integrated handsfree

Standard battery, Li-Ion (BL-5C) 900 mAh
Up to 250 h
Talk time
Up to 3 h 30 min

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off line   moses
hi my phone nokia n70, keeps coming up with offline.any suggestionsthanksregards
unlock n70 phone   levi
hi, can someone help me to unlock my n70 phone every time i insert sim card in to the phone it says sim card not valid please help methanks
slm   simpatyaga
sim card is not valid   kavindra
im in sri my n 70 me mobile phone i use in mobitel sim(mobitel is the name of operater) but if i use airtel sim(airtel is the name of operater)it work frist time but if i restart my phone second time it display "sim card is not valid " plz help me. my mobile no is 0715871196
102690   kevin
i want you to help me how to open the video of my n70 becose i do not know how to open this
unblocking code nokia n70   suzette walsh
352753015143959 imei, can you please help me unlock this phone for me. thanking you. regards.
n70   joe
how do i unlock my n70 from orange to use on other networks. do i need to put in a code if so how?..... please someone help
i forget my security code nokia n70   abdul hameed
please tell me method how i can unlock security code my nokia n70.i forget it thanks
sssss   irakli
how to unlock n70 so that i can used other simcar   edmund r. francisco
hi i have n70 how can i unlock it so that i can used any simcard.
n70   gulberg
please tell me nokia n70 unlock code
hi   feroz
i have a n70 to change the language to english .... plz help
lock code for nokia n70   cpho
i need a lock code of nokia n70model:n70-1type:rm-84imei:359380007259818code:0523992made in finland
unlock n70   tony
greetings!may i know the step by step instruction to unlocking my nokia N70 so that i can use another network provider.thanks
security unlock code   arun
i want a unlock code for nokia n70
reset master lock code to original   rahul
n 70 master unlock code to restoring the original setting
Unlock nokia N70   Eu
Can somebody tell me how to unlock a nokia N70 so that i can use it in my country,the phone is locked on Orange UK and i want to use him in Romania
activate rotation menu in n70   eddie
could anybody tell me how to activate the rotation menu for video display in pc for the video imported from the n70.
mobile price   tahir ameen
price of n70 in pakistan
nokia n70 locked to orange (uk)   shams
hi i want to unlock my nokia n70 mobile unlock which is locked to orange uk may i unlock or it cant be. thanks
n70 nokia phone    steve ware
i need to unlock this phone so could i please get code and instructions on how to unlock it pls.
nokia cell phone   a.j
hi i got this nokia n70 cell phone which i bought in england which is good. the only problem is now that i am back in my home country {namibia} i cant use my phone can you please give me advice.please can you help me.
mobile tips   shuvo
i forget my nokia n-70 mobile secourety code how to reset my code
nokia n70   tonyaustino
pls how can i put enternate on my nokian70 for to be able to be browsing wit itand for heiring radio news
help   maime nku
hellow i have a problem with my nokia n70, i bought it to someone else and i do not know the lockcode.imei is : 351862012862353pliz help
activation   eloisa maat
how to open gprs of n70
how to unlock my n70??   daniel
hi!idon`t know how to unlock my isn`t write how about unlock.please help me with unlock this cell phonebest regards
nokia n70   asheesh
hi i m from india my uncle has send me a nokia n70 from uk , but the phone is locked on orange uk. when i put my sim card in it , i get the message " sim card is not valid ". so please tell me that how can i get the phone unlocked and use it. thanks
n70 software   mdboli
n70 software
sim unlock 6680   otto
pleas sent nokia 6680 sim lock kode. pleas pleas pleas.thank you
515791810   pawe
unlock nokia n70   hosam
i have nokia n70 locked to vodafone.i went to a shope in the town centre know to unlock mobiles but failed to do it.the guy there told me that it is likely to be permenantly locked to vodafone is that right?how can unlock it,please helpthanks
find my fone   nimmi
hai i am nimmi i lost my n70 so i want get back my fone give me some tips if what i do i can get back my n70 if i use the serial number fone can i block the fone pls help me!!!
help me!   arpit
pls help me to unlock my nokia n 70 i want to change my sim but asking a lock code when i change it,i cannot remember my code.plz solve my problem and send the solution at
n70 gallery   ahmad
hi, when i click gallery icon on my phone nothing happen i think i loss its software,it is not active by selecting original phone setting,how can i active that again? please send me your answer to "hashemi9855@yahoo. com ".
unlocking n70   józsi
mail me if you can unlock my n70
driver for n70 cable   bash
hi everyone i just want to know when i hook up my n70 to the computer, using the cable that comes with the phone when buying it,is there any driver that sould be instale for me to be able to exchange files? if it's yes ok then where can i get te driver for it???.... plz help coz actuly i'm not that much into such things........greatings from lebanon.........
GPRS Configuration for nokia N70   Lala
i want to know the configuration for Nokia N70? how BT MMS?
unlock code for nokia n70   joeddymel eslana
how to unlock my nokia n70 code?thanks advance!!!
n70 imei change   yakup
i want to change my phone's imei number? how can i do this? anyone can help me plase?
how to unlock nokia n70   ivan
dear sir /madam,i would like to know how can i unlock the nokia n70 mobile mobile, i bought it from australia, and can't use other network when i back to hong kong. please give me advice or further information.regardsivan
hi i need help my nokia n70 gallary,bluetooth,int   buyile
dear sir /madem i need on my nokia n70 it doest open gallary,bluetooth,internet please. my imei is 351862 /01 /105554 /6
nokia n70   patricia oliveira
hi there i bought a nokia n70 as a gift to my brother back home in portugal, unfortunatly is locked to vodafone, can you help me unlock this phone?thank you ever so much.please help me!!!! please!!!!
unlock code   stephen
would you please help to unlock my n70 phone, my imei is 359367008617623
nokia n70   piter
help me ! ! !my imei:357968000135191 pls get me code :p
n70 unlocking   raul
hello, how are you? can you please help me unlock my nokia n70 ive had it for a week but still can not find any way so can you tell me how to unlock it. i will be very greatful. even if you can recomend a site or software availble for free thank you, raul
phone   abubakar garba
my nokia n70 is nt installing is telin me file corrupted
my n70 nokia phone   morrison
please my nokia n70 can't desplay the menu. please tall me how to do, can it be perset?
unlock n70   ankit
can u please help me with unlock of n70 nokia
how to unlocked n70?   da
plz help me, tell me how to unlocked my cell phone? i forgot my lock code. email me how to unlock it. thank you.

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