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Nokia N70 Features

UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2Q, 2005
Coming Soon
108.8 x 53 x 21.8 mm, 95.9 cc
126 g
TFT, 256K colors
176 x 208 pixels
- Five-way scroll key
- Downloadable themes
Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, True Tones

Call records
Card slot
RS-DV-MMC, 64 MB card included, hotswap
- 35 MB shared memory for applications, SMS, MMS, ringtones
Symbian OS 8.1a , Series 60 UI
Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
Data speed
236.8 kbps (EDGE)
SMS, MMS, EMail, Instant Messaging
Infrared port
Yes + Java downloadable

2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, flash; secondary video call VGA camera
- Bluetooth
- Push to talk
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Video calling and download
- MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
- WAP 2.0
- xHTML/HTML browser
- Pop-Port with USB
- FM Radio
- T9
- Voice command/memo
- PIM including calendar, to-do list and printing
- Integrated handsfree

Standard battery, Li-Ion (BL-5C) 900 mAh
Up to 250 h
Talk time
Up to 3 h 30 min

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driver for n70 cable   bash
hi everyone i just want to know when i hook up my n70 to the computer, using the cable that comes with the phone when buying it,is there any driver that sould be instale for me to be able to exchange files? if it's yes ok then where can i get te driver for it???.... plz help coz actuly i'm not that much into such things........greatings from lebanon.........
phone language in german version   marco
does someone know wich phone language is available in n70 german version?marco
forgot security code n70   abdul hameed
please tell methodme i have forgot my security code nokia n70.his imei s# 357093003931486.thanks
nokia n70   tonyaustino
pls how can i put enternate on my nokian70 for to be able to be browsing wit itand for heiring radio news
security code   tina
hi,i have forgotten my security code and my phone is locked.(n70)could you please help me?
help me!!!   usman qadir
i want to know the security code of n70,12345 is not the correct code.kindly tell me exact code of n70.
how to install a software in nokia n70   kizerbo
i want to uninstall all programs in my nokia n70 and install new ones. how to proceed. is there a soft that i can use on a computer?
nokia N70   steve
can anyone please tell me how to download items from phone to pc through the bluetooth please email lasignoringboat@hotmail. com
rydxbjqxbrrxuwtwbsd   awqfaljnqhcemlucnss
jnt01z web20power.txt;1;1
mobile price   tahir ameen
price of n70 in pakistan
i need cd   samara
i need cd
all about n70 nd hw 2 download all type of n70 ga   amadi ekene
pls tel me everytin about my fone n70
nokia n70   olaniran
how can i unlock my nokia n70 phone and my ime is 359367001334093.
making my phone   malhara perera
give me software
help me   john
hallo,please may u help me access a software for n70 that may help me use a usb on computers?
unlock nokia n70   jack
can somebody tell me how to unlock a nokia n70 from the tdc mobil denmark. please
nokia n70=pc monitor   frank dike
with usb port i need a software that will make my nokia n70 screen appear on my monitor
nokia n70   sumit
how i am desketop screen saver for n70 ?
unlock nokia n70   mehrdad
hello i need to unlock my nokia n70 and i also will pay for it too please help me with this com
unlocking   juilette
hi need a code for my nokia n70 please serial number is 357093001901036 thank you
nokia n70   darren
hi can i get help with 2 problems 1st is my gallery wontv open do i have to get phone or memory card reformated and i cannot get pc suite to work it wont get past the connect phone stage please help thanks
firmware for nokia n70 rm84   adhul_piero
download version 5.0638.3.0.1
i forgot my unlock code   c.j
how can i reset if i forgot my lock code in my phone
nokia n70   siraj
hiiii pls tell me hw can i open my cellphone lock i forget my security code ols help me......
remove my pin code   ruheenath
i have nokia n70. i have forgotten my lock code and i need to remove the pin code.
lock code    jack
i'm having problum with my nokia n70 lock code... plz help me..i'm from malaysia.
forgotten phone code   umair wali
i have nokia n70 i forgotten my phone code then my mobile can't format plz help me
nokia n70 lock coad   sachin rathi
plese send my phone lock coad my phone 9808735178
357968005370157 simlock plase :(
problem   aayam
i have forgetten my security code. how can i find or make another code in my set. please help me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
problema con usb de nokia n70   rachid
hola tengo una problema de usb no qiro contactar a pc hp tingo cable hawra problema no conectar por vabor a yodami gracias
how to unlocked n70 mine is on 3   wei
hi there , i have a problem with unlocked nokia n70 and it's on 3 could you help me to unlock it please. my email is davidwei87@hotmail. com
to unlock n70   hassan
can some one help me to unlock my n70 on uk 3 netthanks
my n70 gallery is not open   aniket
when i am open gallery and music player itis not open.i am my file from file manager.please help me out.
nokia n70   timi
i can't unlock my phone,did you tell me any code to unlock the phone, i'm so happy if you tell me about phone.
unlock nokia n70!!! 3g   gogiet
hi actuially i have a nokia n70 from uk, and its locked to 3g. can you please tell me the procedure of unlocking this phone from 3g so i can use on other networks! the serial number is :357968007225185
imei ragistration key   veer
nokia n70 ragistration key send please
to use tata indicom sim in nokia n70   rohit
i want to know is there any softwarwe or code by which i can use tata indicom sim in my nokia n70 handset.if u have it plz tell me.
hi am kitubungu,    kitubungu
i got a problem in my n70 phone, i can't either receives or send a text msg. when some body sent a text 2 me... my mobile nofitifying me that "the phone memory is not enough to receives new sms.delete some items " althrough did it but the problem is still existing. so plz help me
sim not valid   zane
a code or any thing that can help pls
nokia n70   saiphone
cartificate expeir
info on n70!   waleed ghaffar
hi actuially i have a nokia n70, and its locked to 3g. can you please tell me the procedure of unlocking this phone from 3g so i can use on other networks!
nokia n70   tonyaustino
pls how can i put enternate on my nokian70 for to be able to be browsing wit itand for heiring radio news
video tone code forgot   mubeen tole
dear sir / madammy n70 cell phone i want to unlock video tone i forgot lock code ime 356963014099815thank you & best regards
n70 drivers   ram
retgerg erwt ert
nokia n70   olaniran
i forgot my security code for my n70 phone and my ime is 359367001334093. pls reply
send imei no model n70   kittu
imei number corrupted please send imei no
sim cord not valid   mohdfida husain
n70 sim cord not valid
help me!!!   usman
plz tell me n70 security code.12345 is not a security code is my phone.. plzzzz tell waiting your answer...
free nokia   hadduo
n70 .imie,356270019628188, please help .thank

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