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Nokia N70 Features

UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
2Q, 2005
Coming Soon
108.8 x 53 x 21.8 mm, 95.9 cc
126 g
TFT, 256K colors
176 x 208 pixels
- Five-way scroll key
- Downloadable themes
Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, True Tones

Call records
Card slot
RS-DV-MMC, 64 MB card included, hotswap
- 35 MB shared memory for applications, SMS, MMS, ringtones
Symbian OS 8.1a , Series 60 UI
Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
Data speed
236.8 kbps (EDGE)
SMS, MMS, EMail, Instant Messaging
Infrared port
Yes + Java downloadable

2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video, flash; secondary video call VGA camera
- Bluetooth
- Push to talk
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Video calling and download
- MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player
- WAP 2.0
- xHTML/HTML browser
- Pop-Port with USB
- FM Radio
- T9
- Voice command/memo
- PIM including calendar, to-do list and printing
- Integrated handsfree

Standard battery, Li-Ion (BL-5C) 900 mAh
Up to 250 h
Talk time
Up to 3 h 30 min

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i need cd   samara
i need cd
gprs bluetooth   john mcconkey
I seem to have a problem with the bluetooth on my n70 i.e. my gprs bluetooth keeps dropping off after a while so i lose my sat nav also when friends searching for bluetooth phones (although showing visiable to all) my phone not found. is this a faulty phone or is there a setting wrong to get around this.
problem   aayam
i have forgetten my security code. how can i find or make another code in my set. please help me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Nokia N70   Si
Hi how do I unlock this phone??
unblocking code nokia n70   suzette walsh
352753015143959 imei, can you please help me unlock this phone for me. thanking you. regards.
unlocking   juilette
hi need a code for my nokia n70 please serial number is 357093001901036 thank you
plz    naseem
can somebody tell me how to unlock a nokia n70 so that i can use it in usa,the phone is locked on orange uk and i want to use him in romania.
forget restore code   mubashir
plz send the restore code,12345 not working plz help me my ime no. 351863017385341
unlocked my nokia n70   tanvir
dear..i have nokia n70 i buying from uk but now i m in india and it is not working now and "sim card not valid " this mesage is show on mobie....plz can u hep me... and i m tryin to this code: #pw+1234567890+1# but not any repypz help me
hi   yohannes mengistu
how can i get nokia n70 software for my pc
357968005370157 simlock plase :(
n70   joe
how do i unlock my n70 from orange to use on other networks. do i need to put in a code if so how?..... please someone help
i forgot my security code for nokia x-02   muvhango
help plz
driver for nokia n 70   nteziryayo
i need to get the driver for nokia n 70
solve bluetooth problem   kingsley
my nokia n70-1 v 5.0737.3.0.1 13-09-2007 rm-84 displays unable to perform bluetooth operation when i wanted to switch on the bluetooth pls help me with what to do so that i can unlock the bluetooth e mail:dumchuks@yahoo. com
activate rotation menu in n70   eddie
could anybody tell me how to activate the rotation menu for video display in pc for the video imported from the n70.
unlock n70   ciaran
could sumone plz unlock my n70 for me cus i bought it from england and i cant ring them up cus i live in ireland.thanx.n70.imei-357093002912834.locked to 3 uk
sim is not valid   sehar
hi i got n70 nokia mobile from 3mobile and its not working here in pakistan the imei number of that set is 357093004392340 kindly inform me and please help me out thnx
nokia n70   sumit
how i am desketop screen saver for n70 ?
info on n70!   waleed ghaffar
hi actuially i have a nokia n70, and its locked to 3g. can you please tell me the procedure of unlocking this phone from 3g so i can use on other networks!
security unlock code   arun
i want a unlock code for nokia n70
unlock for nokia n70   kerry
i have a nokia n70 on the orange network and would like to unlock it so that my partner can use it on vodafone. how can i do this?
off line   moses
hi my phone nokia n70, keeps coming up with offline.any suggestionsthanksregards
mobile price   tahir ameen
price of n70 in pakistan
unlock my nokia n70   donald
imei:351863014521955lock: smart philippines i want to openline it to other network here in philippinestnx alot.. god bless..;)
how to free phone memory of my nokia n70 m   ahmer khan
i am not able to understand how to free the phone memory of my nokia n70 m. the phone memory is full and iam not able to get text mesgs and all can u please help me out in this regard.i would also like to know how to format the nokia n70 music edition phone.
unlock my n70   samantha
my phone is 3netwek how can i unlock my phone i need to used another sim cardthanks samantha
Nokia n70 unlocking   ezzer13
Please can somebody email me if they know how 2 unlock the nokia n70. My dad has bought it for me on the 3 network which i think is a rip off but i want 2 keep my o2 sim card. I rang up 3 and asked them how much it would be for them to unlock it and they gave me a quote of £150, they are having a laugh!If anybody knows where I can get it unlocked please please get it contact with me. asapThank you. ERIN erin2836@hotmail. com
nokia n70   gino
nokia n70 folder lock software please-send my g mail. please
please unlock nokia n70   qaiser hussain
sir, can you tell me how to unlock a nokia n70 so that i can use it in pakistan,the phone is locked on orange uk. the serial no /imei no. is 357093007044690 and oblige.
gplt   xjgj
nokia n70 installation software   michael
ibought nokia n70 phone with its cd included,but i cannot install the phone in my pc because the pc could not find the installation software in the cd when i inserted the cd in my cd drive. pse e-mail to me the installation software that will enable me install the phone in my pc.thanks.
nunlock nokia n 70   muhammad akram
hello i have one nokia n 70 imei number 359367005753025 he was lock telenor nowary i was use vodafone spain if u code then send me pls in my e mail ok. thanks
515791810   pawe≥
unlocking n70   j√≥zsi
mail me if you can unlock my n70
how to unlock my n70??   daniel
hi!idon`t know how to unlock my isn`t write how about unlock.please help me with unlock this cell phonebest regards
gallery   2pac
i cannot enter the gallery in my n70
lost n70    nirmaia
i lost ready my n70 i want get back my fone so give me some tips if what i do i can get back my n70 can i use the serial number to block the fone pls help me!!!
nokia n70=pc monitor   frank dike
with usb port i need a software that will make my nokia n70 screen appear on my monitor
help   maime nku
hellow i have a problem with my nokia n70, i bought it to someone else and i do not know the lockcode.imei is : 351862012862353pliz help
n 70 sim card invalid   kevin
i am located in the philippines, the cell did work properly, now it has sim card invalid when i try to activate it?????
unlock   jeneffer dayag
how can i unlock my nokia n70 phone so that i can use here in panama....
unlock nokia 6600 moby memory card
Hi I have a nokia 6600 with a moby memory card. But i discovered that the moby memory is locked . please can u give me instructions on how to unlock it.if my request is granted i will greatful. thank Deemene
n70   simon
how can i unlock my nokia n70 i am on 02
unlock code for nokia 70   jon-paul
i need an unlock got for my nokia n70 which is currently locked on 3, if i provide you with my imei number can you get me the unlock code please.
connect to pc   naga
sir iam using nokia n-70.please tell me how to connect it to the computerand also say how to use visual radioplease which antivirus is best for this mobile....???please help me brother by clarifying these doubts
usb   thantowirais
gimana menggunakan kabel data?
ringtones   simone
you can download free mp3 ringotnes: darmowe.mp3dzwonki. com
n70   tiaan
can anyone help me to unlock my phone cant find origanal owner 3 doesnt want to unlock it what can i do?????????
how to unlocked n70?   da
plz help me, tell me how to unlocked my cell phone? i forgot my lock code. email me how to unlock it. thank you.

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