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Nokia 1209 Features

General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800
GSM 850 / 1900 - US version
Announced 2008, January
Status Coming soon
Size Dimensions 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 70.5 cc
Weight 79.9 g
Display Type CSTN, 65K colors
Size 96 x 98 pixels, 27.6 x 21.8 mm
- 5-way navigation key
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (32 channels)
Customization Download
Vibration Yes
Memory Phonebook Yes
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Card slot No
Data GPRS No
3G No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port No
Features Messaging SMS (up to 60)
Browser No
Games Yes
Colors Blue
Languages 80 languages
Camera No
- Multiple phone books with up to 200 entries
- Dust-resistant keypad
- Built-in handsfree
- Flashlight
- Time tracker
- Cost tracker
- Calendar
- Calculator
- Converter
- Countdown timer
- Stopwatch
- T9
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 700 mAh (BL-5CA)
Stand-by Up to 365 h
Talk time Up to 7 h

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hiiiiiiiiii   anil -1209 rh-105yeh mob me ek rington apload karna hai pls.....sirfrehna hai tere dil me....
security code   kashif
please sir, can you help me , i forgot my security code, my mobie no 1209 and imei 351980 /04 /365378 /9
unlock code for nokia 1209   shelvin
hi dere m looking 4 unlock code 4 ma nokia 1209 can u help me get unlock code pliz thnx in advance
dffftgf   kkkkk
security code unlock   otim robinson
sir,my nokia fone 1209 imei 356915 /03 /608804 /4 has locked itself and now asking for a security code. what could be the problem and how do i rectify it? thanx
security code of nokia 1209   navdeep
dear..siri forgot my security code of my nokia 1209!! me to find security code..or some other tricks,,hence i have tried the master code system,,,but the system says code error!!!!and my serial no. is 351966039109225
unlock problm   bhupinder singh
dear sir /mam my nokia1209 have been locked but i forget secorty code imei is 358273 /03 /155645 /0 pls tell me that what i can do now pls help me
to unlock nokia 1209   minh
help me to unlock my nokia model 1209. my imei no: 356849025865601
unlocking   ashwani
sir my mobile imei no is 351966039123515 & code is 0559987.i forgot my security code... plz provide me.... thanx in advance.....
security code   srikanth
my mobile nokia 1209. i forgot my security code. can i unlock it plz help me.
nokia   flor
sal vreau un cod pt a reseta codul de securitate la un nokia 1208
unlock mobile   ravneel
how to unlock nokia 1209 my ime is 356812024227843
nokia1209 securitycode open   teham
nokia1209 security code open
unlock nokia 1209   djoko ristov
can you tell me how to unlock network on my nokia 1209 for free
unluck nokia 1209   pedro
hello sir, i would be happy if u can help me to provide the unluck code to my nokia 1209.imei : 358627 /01 /165382 /9type : rh-105
iwant security code of nokia 1209`   irshad
iwant the nokia security code 1209
forgot security code of nokia 1209   rahul
hi,please help, i have forgotten the securitu code of my nokia1209, imei of my mobile is 355235053796378
nokia 1209   jovan nechovski
hi i want to ask nokia 1209 phone works only where the operator is purchased, by putting another sim card would not connect to the network please how can i fix
file transfer   senthil
my mobile is nokia 1209. usb cable via file transfer but usb cable not yet.
unlock nokia 1209    hristov
i have a problem with unlocking my nokia 1209, imei: 351534043179301 , country: bulgaria, provider: mobiltel can you help me thanks
unluck   ralph
sir i forgot my security codes plaese help me to unluck it thanks(nokia 1209)serial no.353185034296246
nokia 1209   leo
hi can u help me plz to unlock my nokia imei 356866 /02 /371857 /4 thx
unlock my nokia1209   rajini
please can you help me in unlocking my nokia 1209 with imei: 358287033203754.thank you soo much
forget mobile security code    kalia
i forget my nokia 1209 mobile security code please help me sir
to unlock the security code   amrut
plz help me my phone is locked. my imei number is 356072 /03 /421292 /7
i want to the blocked phone   ashfaq ahmed shakar
i want to the block the cell phone by imei numbermy cell phone imei number is 35827303456783
unlock of security code   olatunde
i forgot my security code and cannot operate my phone(nokia 1209), how do i unlock it. i will be grateful if you can help me.
to unlock nokia 1209   joseph
help me to unlock my nokia model 1209 type rh-105 imei: 351947 /03 /187507 /0
nokia 1209   goldenboy
sir my nokia 1209imei # 351947033013639 is locked pls help me to get me unlock
1209 unlock security code   jeff
plsss help me,i need security code imei: 356853027387358 code 0559912type rh-105
chat code   victor poudel
plz will u provide me a cheat code of games like cricket,football etcplzzzzzzzzzz
unlock   pedro
i put a personal a code on my phone but i forgot the number (the order of numbers)please let me ajundam to unlock it.model: 1209type: rh-105imei: 356915 /03 /342530 /6thank you
security code   ai
i forgot my security code for nokia 1209 type rh imei is: 353540 /02 /965573 /3...can you help me???salamat...
security code   dan
pls help me, i need security code # for my nokia 1209 with ime # 353208032749089 asap thank you in advance.
unlock phone   satish kumar
sir my phone has locked,how can i unlock my phone.
nokia 1209 unlock security code   ashan
sir , my nokia 1209 cell phone hasbeen locked as an security code so please help me out from this problem as to unlock the security code of my cell phone . thank you
security code problem    manish kumar tiwari
sir my mobil imeino is-355224 /03 /585975 /7 forget my security code.......... pls provide me... thanx in advanced
to get un lock code of nokia-1209   santosh kumar das
sir, with due respect,i forget my uncode of nokia-1209,pls sir give me another code.
code unlock   josim
everyone who r trying to unlock your 1209 nokia, just try 12345 which is default, i hope this will solve your prolem, insaallah.
need to unlock security code   rayees
hey i need to unlock my nokia 1209 mobile....... plzzzzzzzz i forgot my security code nd evry time i put a new sim card it asks for security code... plzzzzzzzz help me out for god sake .. nd if any of u guys have a solution plzz mail me my imei is 356823026252523 nd tnx in advance
unlock problm   bhupinder singh
dear sir /mam my nokia1209 have been locked but i forget secorty code imei is 358273 /03 /155645 /0 pls tell me that what i can do now pls help me
security can not access   kumaresh banerjee
sir my nokia 1209 security coad is 947475.i do not change it i i unble to uloock my phone iemi no is:356823027232060
hi   ahmed nisar
remove the my mobile virus and my gain new hardware support
nokia 1209 security code problem   hari kanth
sir i for get my security code .my emi no is 358236 /03 /831654 /1 my requst you to please solve my problem ................ i am waiting for your reply thanking you sir
forget my security code   sumitra
i forgot my securitycode plz help.... my imei is 353539 /02 /02 1807 /9
my nokia 1209 phone has locket   sitaram patel
emei no .is 356823 /02 /653302 /1
unlocking   rajeswari hariharan
i have forgot my security code would u please help me model-1209rh-105imei-359375 /03 /787770 /4code-0559995plz help memy phone no=9176099874
nokia 1209 engineering mode   rajenderreddy
hi, can you pl tell me how can i enable the engineering mode on nokia 1209 mobile handset.
code lost   koushik
sir i forgot my security code.. imei 358250030329444.. for 1209.. please provide the code.. thanks in advance
security code   nirmal j. barot
hi i have 1209 nokia and i forget my keypade unlock security code so what i have to done now

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