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Nokia 1208 Features

General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800
  GSM 850 / 1900 - US version
Announced 2007, May
Status Available
Size Dimensions 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 67 cc
Weight 77 g
Display Type CSTN, 65K colors
Size 96 x 68 pixels, 29 x 23 mm
  - Themes and wallpapers
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (32 channels)
Customization Download
Vibration Yes
Memory Phonebook 200 entries
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Card slot
  - 4 MB user memory
Data GPRS No
3G No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port No
Messaging SMS
Browser No
Games 3 embedded
Colors Red, Black
Camera No
  - Flashlight
- T9
- Calendar
- Calculator
- Currency converter
- Built-in handsfree
Battery   Standard battery, Li-Ion 700 mAh (BL-5CA)
Stand-by Up to 365 h
Talk time Up to 7 h

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free unlock code nokia   bojo
free unlock code nokia
nokia 1208 doubt   rajkumar p
sir ihave n1208 is download the mp3 songs
n1208 teblokir   ch karnando
hi,n1208 sy terblokir, mhn bantuannya agar bisa di buka kode pengamannya imei ; 355229033283553tx
help   arol balir
hi i forget my security code for nokia 1208 imei number is 354867026517734
security code   ahmed
i have nokia model1208imei:351956038600324
nokia 1208   anwar abdella
iforget my nokia1208phonesecuritycode
sms   vijay
i have a doubt as to1)can v create groups and send sms to all of them2)how to get the phone security codes..
request   mohammad shab uddin kajal
i want to all softwere of nokia 1208plz give
ayuda   david
necesito los drivers del nokia 1208 gracias
nokia 1208/rh-105 unlocking code or security code   bawake addae
i need nokia 1208 /rh-105 unlocking code or security code. the nokia is locked by not seeing the number.
help   brittany
please help me unlock my phone just help me please
re: unlock codes for all mobiles in 1 software.   shahnawaz
how to reset security lock. i have lost my lock number pls help me....imei # 353520020965893
security code   asep
how can i do?, i'm forget security code of nokia 1208
forgot my scurity code   ebenezer ofoe
i have change my scurity code but cant rem it help me imei no-358628 /01 /639945 /9 help me
puk code   anis
i've forgot my puk code.can you help me by answering me. please help me nokia 1280 model imei :357001 /04 /780027 /8thank you
1208 iforgot phone security code    muthu
how do i reset my phone unlock
security code   ali
my cell want security code but i dont no what is this my cell is nikia 1208 imei351931 /03 /653104 /5
hrthrht5rhreh   ronin
reset scurity code nokia 1208   hendra
nokia 1208 imei#353503 /02 /763373 /0
forgot security code   dhirendra
imie no 359846012005008
lupa kode keamanan nokia 1208   fibrianto
saya lupa kode keamanan nokia 1208 saya dengan no imei : 359331039290370
pause in a contact number   andrea
is there any wayi can insert a pause in a phone number? e.g., 555-1111 pause 111 [an account number]. so i can call a number, wait for the cue, then enter the acct. number-so i don't have to remember the acct. number when i'm on the go.any chance i can do this?thanks!
my imei nmber is it 358093013859973   umair
i forget my security code plz help me
nokia 1208   luke
i need a security code for a nokia 1208
1208 mobile   savadyounus
imi number lost
security code of my nokia 1208   jatt
pls help me to unlock my son security code imei no 356849021532056
my nokia 1208 is lock without puted any security    kapunchi
plz help me to unlock my nokia 1208 phone,in just off the phone when i was charging the battery and when it finished charge i on the phone and i entered my sim code and it ask me a security code mean while i have not put any security code so please help me to unlock it if not i will missed a lot of contact i have 12345 but it not unlock so plz help
software   shiv
unlock security code    naziha
plz help me to unlock my nokia mobile 1208 security code imei number is 359301 /02 /874619 /5 very urgent...
nokia 1208   shayan
i am change my mobile security code,but right code is ????? plz open my seurity code tips....old code is not work
unlock security code   christian hansen
plz help me to unlock my nokia mobile 1208 security code imei number is: 358317 /03 /0411884 /3
security code nokia 1208 rh 105   janna
nokia model; 1208 t ypetype: rh -105 kode: 0549917imei: 359338036400894place........ security code
nokia 1209 unlock   raaz
my nokia1209 mobile is locked with security code. how can i unlock my phone. imei number is 358273030325642. if possible plz help me.
sim   darren
cant remeber my sim code 716085 4560034 5 gplese help
query   krishna
sir i have already data cable for my nokia 1208 can u tell me how can i connect my handset with my pc i case of downloading ringtone.
1208 unlock   vishnu
sir i want to know how unlock nokia 1208 without computer and flashing please tell me
unlock 1208 -type105   pedro
please give de code to unlock nokia 1205imei:352905 /02 /167919 /0urgente pleasetk you
hyeee   daniel
i want to break ma phone line code...the phone from i wana break it into maxis digi celcom n more
my mobile 1208 it is lock pleez help mee {imei 35   abid
pleeeeeeeez help mee
unlock code for vodafone nokia 1208   francisco
hello i need the unlock code for my vodafone nokia 1208 my emei is 358100012911489 thank you very much, i have try some code calculcalators but always have error code and i can't unlock the phone please help me thank you very much.
re: farees alpha has sent you a hi5 message   afrath
i want nokia 1208 unlock softwear
contrack service   iftkar
ihave nokia 1209 ime no354195032633216
nokia 1208   alban
unlock security code
ring tone   hussain
i need body gard ring tone fou my 1208 plz help me my number is 9618091989 if `any one know plz call me
unlock nokia 1208   usman ali
how i can unlock my nokia 1208 my ime is 356382028226225
i just want a ringtone   roger
i have the usb data cable alll i want isi just want a ringtone
nokia 1208   hafee
how to reset security lock. i have lost my lock number pls help me....
i've forgot my 1208 cell phone security code    nadeem
356812027954260 looking for security code for mentioned serial number.
data cable    nasir
sir how i connect data cable from my cell phone to computer when i connect my n 1208 cable with com thier is no effect
aamir   nokia 1208
security code ?

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