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Nokia 1208 Features

General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800
  GSM 850 / 1900 - US version
Announced 2007, May
Status Available
Size Dimensions 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 67 cc
Weight 77 g
Display Type CSTN, 65K colors
Size 96 x 68 pixels, 29 x 23 mm
  - Themes and wallpapers
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (32 channels)
Customization Download
Vibration Yes
Memory Phonebook 200 entries
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Card slot
  - 4 MB user memory
Data GPRS No
3G No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port No
Messaging SMS
Browser No
Games 3 embedded
Colors Red, Black
Camera No
  - Flashlight
- T9
- Calendar
- Calculator
- Currency converter
- Built-in handsfree
Battery   Standard battery, Li-Ion 700 mAh (BL-5CA)
Stand-by Up to 365 h
Talk time Up to 7 h

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b   akshay
nokia 1208 security code   rangana
nokia 1208 security code
nokia 1208   shayan
i am change my mobile security code,but right code is ????? plz open my seurity code tips....old code is not work
ayuda   david
necesito los drivers del nokia 1208 gracias
security code nokia 1208   tom ramogo
i have a nokia 1208 phone which needs a security code to open. i have forgotten my security code. imei no. is 356849029233954. please help me urgently.thank you.
i forgot my security code of my n1208   markshun
this is my :imei:352931 /02 /498970 /9
forgot security code nokia 1208   sohaib
dear all,i forgot nokia 1208 security code kindly help meimei: 358088010034588
triband   ju
is my nokia 1208 rh-105 working in america ?can i put in a new chip and use it ?i have no idea how to find out if it is a tri band ..
hyeee   daniel
i want to break ma phone line code...the phone from i wana break it into maxis digi celcom n more
fogot my security code   deba
i forgot my nokia 1208 security code ,so what can i do?
software   jawfar m i
how i get nokia software and how can insert software
security code nokia 1208 rh 105   janna
nokia model; 1208 t ypetype: rh -105 kode: 0549917imei: 359338036400894place........ security code
aamir   sabrina
security code   ahmed
i have nokia model1208imei:351956038600324
unlock security code   srikanth
i have fogotten the security code of nokia 1208. in is asking code when i switch on the mobileemi no : 358099012243481.
mobile troubleshoot   tesfaye
my nokia model-1208 is locked indicating on the screen "local mode " what should i do about it?
hrthrht5rhreh   ronin
connect with pc   pradeesh
how can i use my 1208 noika phone for up loading images and mp3 from my pc to phone
cannot install usb driver   aniruddha mondal
i cannot install the usb driver which has been given in a cd alongwith usb data cable, pls help me in this regard. - rahul
security code   kannan
help me i forget mynokia1208 security codeits imei no is 352930022616496
1208 unlock   vishnu
sir i want to know how unlock nokia 1208 without computer and flashing please tell me
1208 unlock   vishnu
sir i want to know how unlock nokia 1208 without computer and flashing please tell me
nokia   sergio f silva
quero desbloquear 1208
unlock code   mohammed
i need the unlock code of my mobile (nokia 1208 type rh-105) imei 358628 /01 /592376 /2can you help me please
phone code   ichwan
security code of my nokia 1208 jattpls help me to unlock my son security code imei 352907021310768
hi my celphone   arnil
my cel i open it the sucurity code aper in the screen not load to the soffwer please give a code to open it nokia 1208
unlocked code for my nokia 1208   rosemarie
can u give me the unlocked code of my nokia 1208? my imei # me pls..
nokia 1208   meir
can iuse an unlocked nokia 1208 in the folowing countries:australia new ziland tailand hong kong??i have a sim of the istaeli company cellcom
please help    lah
please help my nokia 1280 is locked i can't open it .imei 353419048154747 please help.... i really forgot my security code.. thanks
my nokia 1208 is lock without puted any security    kapunchi
plz help me to unlock my nokia 1208 phone,in just off the phone when i was charging the battery and when it finished charge i on the phone and i entered my sim code and it ask me a security code mean while i have not put any security code so please help me to unlock it if not i will missed a lot of contact i have 12345 but it not unlock so plz help
unlock nokia 1208   kosa
help unlock nokia 1208
i need to unlock my phone   olabisi
my nokia 1208 phone is lock and i forgot my code please i need ur help to unlock it now
^prob with msg income read   cj
hi, cannot read the icome msg, soon a try to read them the cell fone turn off...can u help me??i got a nokia 1208many thanks
unlock nokia 1208 security code   jagesh
imei no. 358098018840456
forget security code   laeeq
please sir tell me me forget my security code
nokia 1208   fahmi
ringtone   swaransingh
9   noman
hgfjhfjh fjj
forgot security code   dhirendra
imie no 359846012005008
unlock security code problem   arif khan
i forgot my security code which i applied few months ago on my cell nokia i put a new sim into ity but it is asking for security code.what should i do?plz give me a code to unlock it.
nokia 1208 doubt   rajkumar p
sir ihave n1208 is download the mp3 songs
nokia 1208 sicurity code solution   shohel patwary
hi i m forget my phone security(nokia 1208) please help me....
master code cannot unlock my nokia 1208...   chezter
anyone there knows how to unlock my nokia 1208??
unlock nokia 1209   mohsin
how to unlock nokia 1209 set . plz reply
nokia 1208 is jst wow..   nabiyah
i wana know that is there conferene call in 1208??actually i am goino buy it in 2,3 days so wanna know everything abt it.. ps do ans me..i wil be very thankfull to u..
security code   ali
my cell want security code but i dont no what is this my cell is nikia 1208 imei351931 /03 /653104 /5
security code forget   joa
i forgot my security code. my imei 351970 /03 /134601 /7
nokia 1208 unlock code   dantedesuyo
may i request unlock code of nokia 1208 phonethank you very much
unlock security code   christian hansen
plz help me to unlock my nokia mobile 1208 security code imei number is: 358317 /03 /0411884 /3
how can i change the ringtones with usb data cabl   aniruddha mondal
sir, i want to know whether i can change or remove the ringtones of my nokia 1208 model through usb data cable with my p.c.

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