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Nokia 1112 Features

General Network GSM 900 / GSM 1800
Announced 2006, March
Status Coming Soon
Size Dimensions 104 x 44 x 17 mm
Weight 80 g
Display Type Monochrome graphic
Size 96 x 68 pixels
- 4-way scroll key
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (20 channels), with MP3 grade tones
Customization Composer, Download
Vibration Yes
Memory Phonebook 200 entries
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Card slot No
- 4 MB shared memory
Data GPRS No
3G No
Bluetooth No
Infrared port No
Features Messaging SMS, EMS
Browser No
Games 3 - Snake Xenzia, Dice Games, Pocket Carrom
Colors Red, Blue, Black
Languages Most major European and Asian
Camera No
- T9
- Built-in handsfree
- Picture messaging
- Speaking alarm and clock
- Reminders
- Demo mode for phone
- Exchangeable covers
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 700 mAh (BL-5CA)
Stand-by Up to 380 h
Talk time Up to 5 h

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unlock nokia 1112   ongovaka
please i need to unlock my nokia 1112 imei :353253014060113when i insert the sim card it says sim is not valid.thank you very muchongo.
nokia 1112   edgaras
hello.gone light to nokia 1112. why? in setting i set to general,but no work :(
plz 1112    shahid khan
send me software 1112 plz plz plz
unlock sim   militaru
nokia 1112 - imei 356404015126414 romania-orange[mobifon]
security code forgoten   ashu
my nokia 1112 imei 3533272 /01 /102077 /1
security code forgotten   paul
please help me to find the security code for my nokia 1112imei :
unlock nokia 1112   mary
is there any way of unlocking nokia 1112 for free? it is locked to the virgin network and i want to use an orange sim.i've tried #pw+245315362305026+7# but it didn't work!many thanks
fdhsfhsfdhf   nghf
unlock security   shahzad
i foorget my pasword help me my nokia imli 353647014452636
a qustion   gerrrges
what is a(pw) mean?
nokia phone has been theft    suman kumar das
my nokia phone has been theft i have emi can i lock this mobile hand set.
nokia 1112 unlocking   wendy
can you please tell me how to unlock my mums new phone. it came with a vodaphone sim but she already had a t-mobile sim that she has been using for years and doesnt want to change number.many thanks
356983019702908   356983019702908
unlock my nokia 1112 mobpfone   aron gardner
gdayi have a nokia 1112 phone. it's locked in vodafone hungary network. imei: 353648012359872. can you help me to unlock my phone? thx in advance.aron
nokia connexion to windows xp   dann
how can i connect my nokia 1112 to my windows xp computer, for saving adress list.thanksdann
unluck nokia 1112   arsendo
how can i unluck my nokia 1112 cellelar
about ring tone   abdul hameed
sir tell me that how i can dowload ring tone in my set nokia 1112 and which type ring s
unlock n1112   akil
i need help with my nokia 1112 because i called the information people and they told me they couldn't help me. ok. well i just got a new sim card and when i turned it on it asked me for my security code and tryed 0000, 12345, and some of the others, if you could help me then please do because this is my only phone and i need it for business. thanks a bunch
nokia1112    adnan pakistani
falashing problem plz send me solution or code then i will easy my problem.thanks
nokia 1112 software   yaseen
nokia 1112 software
pls help me unlock my nokia 1112   bert paglinawan
i am having problem of unlocking my nokia 1112 cellphone..been trying several codes but i do get an error message after composing the codes.. my imei # is 356268 /01 /205962 /5 thanks in advance...
i need to unlock my nokia 1112 phone   vicki
please could you help me with unlocking my phone. it is a nokia 1112, bought in australia, with the provider optus. the imei is 353253 /01 /594398 /6. thanks so much for your help.cheers
nokia 1112 unlock code   les hovell
gday i have just purchased a nokia 1112and would like to unlock it to allow me to use another sim card service providerimei is 353253017689165i live in australiaand the service it is locked to is optusthx for ur time cheersles
message sending failed   m. sohail
i have nokia 1112 i have problem with it from last 2 days.whenever i send the sms it shows "message sending failed " error on screen. i have checked my message centre number that is raight. can you help me to fix this problem?
requset    qasim
first let me intrdouce my self to you my name is qasim bazi i want to help me software about nokia 1112i or 1200 or 1110i how can i get the software about this programemail: chimbalazi@hotmail. com tel:002521-5578629thanks
unlock code nokia on tesco/02   dave
hi can you please advise of the code to change provider as phone locks with their sim.thanks dave
unlock   patrick
can you help me my nokia 1112 is lock mei code is 353647019484741 thanks
unlock my phone   amit kumar
hi i have a nokia 1112 b with type rh-92 and imei 010810000489823 and its service is tracfone plz tell me how to unlock my phone... thanks in advance
sqeee   talib
emergency   josh
gday i have just purchased a nokia 1112 and would like to unlock it to allow me to use another sim card service provider imei is 357673013208635 ,i live in australia and the service it is locked to is optus thx for ur time cheers les.
unlock code   muneeb khan
sir i just bought a second han dmobile from market nokia 1112 and the user forget the unlock code so i want you to help me and me the formatting methog ..thnks plz
i for get my unlocked code   cj
i for get my unlocked code for my nokia 1112 b imei:011223 /00 /720631 /6 code:0536342f007r9
asia 200 unlock code   lhen
good day how can i remove the unlock code of nokia asia 200 here is my imei 352414056799320 pls help me thanks
my nokia imie nu,ber block   john
hi i am maria from london i purchased 1112 but after fewdays is perfectly on but rcently is not accept in sim card so u help me plz my mobile no 1112 imei number is 353974011356978 plz reply i am waiting thank u
unlock 1112   hernie
how to unlock 1112 cwlphones
send free picture messages   irfan
i want to send free picture messages to my nokia 1112 . plz tell me how can i send free
unlock code   theo
i missed and locked my sim card model number, nokia- 1112, imei-011068 /00 /804323 /8 i need the puk code
please help me   carmine
please helm me....i need to unlock the nokia1112 (hungary /vodafone)! i'm in erasmus and i ned the mobile because i have lost the my italian mobile...please help me imei 353973012993052
to stop stolan 1112 mobile usage    kalrav
i had nokia mobile model 1112 and i had lost it pl tell me how to block the mobile being use from other simcard
nokia 1112   daniel
hi, can you help me unlock nokia 1112 ?with unlock codes.thanks!
nokia1112   tamy
a code to break nokia 1112 imei code is 352741011363853...thanx
pin code   nuwan
i want know pin code of my phone
unlock code   salcianu dan
plsss help unlock a nokia 1112 rh 93 plsss. my imei is 354801013101806
unlock code for nokia 1112   amit kumar
hi this is amit i have nokia 1112 b with rh-92 and imei 010810000489823 with tracfone as service procvider . plz send me the unlock code. thanks in advance.
unlocking nokia1112 on tesco network   margaret johnson
could you please advise how i can received a free unlocking code for the nokia 1112 to be able to use it on the vodafone network in new zealand. the imei no. is 356405012961976.thanking you in advance.
look   sravan
i have for get nokia 1112 cell lock can i open ot plese tell mobile no 9963636358
nokia set security code   sanaullah
i want to know nokia 1112 security code please my help me my nokia corporation code :0534216imel: 353973 /01 /6made by hungary
unlock my phone   ali
i want him unlock my n 1112
tracfone nokia 1112 unlock   christian
hi i need to unlock a nokia 1112 from tracfone usa since i moved to another country. if you could please help me step by step. thank you very much
nokia 1112   shohruh
hi,i have a question. i am wondering if it is possible to set up mp3 on to the nokia 1112. if it is how? thank you very much.

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