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Motorola L6 Features

General Network GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
Announced 2005, 1Q
Status Available
Size Dimensions 113 x 49 x 10.9 mm, 56 cc
Weight 86 g
Display Type CSTN, 65K colors
Size 128 x 160 pixels
- Scratch-resistant glass
- Downloadable screensavers, wallpapers
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (24 channels), MP3
Customization Download,
Vibration Yes
Memory Phonebook 500 entries, Photo call
Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls
Card slot No
- 10 MB shared memory
Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
3G No
Bluetooth Yes, v1.2
Infrared port No
USB Yes, miniUSB
Features Messaging SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Games Yes + downloadable
Colors Silver
Camera VGA, 640x480 pixels, video
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Push to Talk
- T9
- Calendar
- Currency converter
- Calculator
- Stopwatch
- Built-in handsfree
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 820 mAh
Stand-by Up to 345 h
Talk time Up to 5 h 50 min

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motorola l6   sunny
hi,i live in bangladesh. few days ago i bought a motorola l6 set. but i can't find the software so that i can connect it with pc and transfer my data. the cd thay gave is not working and i cant get the right software cd. and another problem is the set is not supporting the handsfree. will u plz give me a suggestion. n.b: its a china product.
motorola l6   cesar perez
software motorola l6 free
software   julie
i want to connect my l6 motorola phone to the computer. can you send the software?
useless features!   vonn
hello, someone please help me if you can. i unknowingly bought a motorola l6 phone unlocked and now i'm being told that it's not compatible with my cingular service so i can't use some of the features! please if anyone knows of a way for me to use my multimedia text messaging.. please help me! it doesn't make sense to have a phone that's capable of sending pics and video but i'm not able to becuase i got screwed over! please help me! i do not recommend buying unlocked phones!
regd. connectivites of moto l6.   chaitanya
hi, i 'd like to know whether l6 has edge, hscsd and ir ports. also what's its retail price.regards.chaitanya.
find    mohammad tahir
i have not motorola l6 driver please send my email on motorola l6 softwear driver....... my email is ....tahir0332@yahoo. com
motorola l6 usb pc driver   rashidi
how i want to get motorola l6 usb pc driver..i want to transfer mp3 to my l6 phone
mini usb   martins
where can i get program for motorola l6! i have cable but do not have program
driver for motorola l6   norman
i need a driver to connect l6 to pc. i have a cable but can not find any free download of the driver. can some help me?
uncode l6   mohammed
my moto l6 need to be unlocked. please ,what is the procedure,thanks
screen saver   rob
once the screen goes blank after the screen saver has finished, is there a way of seeing the time / messages etc permanently on the blacked out screen??
motorola l 6   stanly
unloc codes
help   torrin clarke
i have a motorolal6 cingular phone i bought off ebay. i cant get the media net browser to work can u help me?
motorola l6   jonathon
how do i upload photos from my phone to pc.where do i download the software.
motorola l6   mabelle
i hav my motorola l6 but i dont know how to install the
asking for motorola l6 installer   danilo
where can i find an installer for my phone motolorola l6 because i cannot connect my phone using usb only to pc...i need an installer for my phone...can you help me?...thanks!
pc connection   keith
do i need drivers to use my l6 on my pc. can i get then free on the net. can you help. thank you.
connect to pc   chesanne mendoza
please send me software to connect my motol6 to pc. so that i can download mp3
connection to pc   john harry lamvohee
hi,i've just purchased a motorola l6 in mauritius and i am back in rodrigues i cannot find the motorola kit so i cannot connect my phone to my pc. plz tell me where i can download the driver for free.thank youharry
motorola l 6   sal
hi,i need help for how to transfer pics from my pc to the cell phone.i have the required usb cable but no software or driver.please adviseregardssal
motorola l6 picture/photo sending & receiving   deborah
i have bought an unlocked motorola l6 slvr on e-bay and i too cannot send photos or pictures also when someone sends them to me i have to go onto the t-mobile website to access them, am i doing something wrong or do i need to set something up in my phone?
download driver   tony
anyone know where i can download the usb driver for my motorola l6
motorolal6 usb driver   vadim
where is i can download driver for usb motorola l6
pic from cp to pc   rio monica canlas
hi! im from the philippines. i bought motorola l6 for more than a month alredy. i found out that i still need a usb cable to transfer my pics and motorola cd to install it.. no cd came with the phone. i cant transfer my pics to my pc. i have been going around the malls, finding a cd for my l6, but i still couldnt find a cd. can i'll just download it through internet. i hope i can get a reply from you, because i dont have space left for pics, and videos. thank you!
l6 usb driver   imran
can you please send or where to download the l6 usb driver, please thank you
i cant retreive picture messages!   charlotte
hi, iv got a motorola l6 phone and my friend sent me a picture message but i cant retrieve it, it says 'unable to download' any ideas why?
unlocking l6   adem
can anybody tell me how to get subsidy password for motorola?thanks
file.write   federico
im installing midedit but when i save it shows a error file.write path= denied please help me
subsidy number   geta
please be kind to sent subsidy # for motoroa l6ime 3359401000039518
help!   stefan baresic
i've got some problems with my motorola l6. i don't know how to unlock it, and where can i find drivers for it. please help me!
softwares for open code   fadel
hi plz plz help me i need softwares for open code motorola l6
free software for my usb cable for motorola l6   alfred haxhiaj
i need a free software for my usb cable in order to be able to transfer data files to my pcwhere can i download it from for free
unlock coodes   maggie
i just brought a second hand motorora l6 but it is locked have tryed getting in touch with the guy i got the phone from but he is not getting back to me and i have no idear where he kives as i got it from boot sale the week end it as got my virgen card in it and it will let me set time and date but will not let me make calls says not allowed if you can help would be grate full thanks maggie
l6 usb device   barbie
where can i purchase usb device for motorola l6? i want to connect my cell to the pc and transfer some files. is it possible also to deliver the said item?
can i reduce the sound od l6   arslan
how can i reduce or mute the sound of l6 3gp,mp3 player with out handsfree. and can i instal another mp3,3gp player if i can so snd me the webaddress and name of the player plzzzzzzzzzzz
l6   azizi
contack service proveder
subsidy code   aisha
i was sent a motorolla l6 as a present from my cousin in uk. when i put my sim card in it asked for my pin code the it asked for a subsidy code. can anyone please email me the subsidy code for a motorolla l6.
l6   lal
can i get l6 driver
motoralla l6 driver   adil
salam.plz give me the l6 driver.thankin you. i remain.
motorola l6 use   lu
ok..i have a motorola l6, but i need help with everything: what are the tools it has? and how can i put music in my mobile?...and what is bluetooth (i have read about it, but i donĀ“t know how to use it)? thanks!!
need motorola l-6 cell phone softwire   shaibal
dear siri need motorola l-6 cell phone softwire for install in my pcshaibalbangladesh
motorola l6   faisy
hi. i'm currently on the virgin network and am having real difficulty getting my phone to send picture messages. i have just bought the phone as my old phone stopped sending them too. all it ever says is 'unable to send'. i have been on the virgin website and set up for enhanced wap and picture messaging, to no avail. plese help!
driver   elle
i need a driver to connect my l6 phone to my laptop. is there any chance i can get it free on the net?
l6 web   rose
can the l6 register media net with cingular; if so, what is the configurations.
usb driver   khan
can somebody help me to find usb driver,i have usb cable with me but need driver for l6 motorola.
subsidy lock   bilal
hi.. i just got a motorola l6 as a gift from a fren but it say to enter the subsidy code.. please help me. thanks
l6   arsalan
i have a usb how do i connect my l6 to get songs off the computer
motorola l6   zands
can i have a free motorola l6 software,usb driver and how can i connect to pc
l6 driver   adam hanifah
hi, i,u unable to connect my l6 to pc, require driver i guess. can u send me the driver? thanks
have to ask about java function of motorola l6   dipak
how to connect java application to internet. i am motorola l6 user. please answer.thanks;

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