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Garmin-Asus Garminfone Features

Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100
Form Factor: Block / Google Android OS v1.6
Antenna: Internal
Navigation: Touch Screen
Battery Type: 1150 mAh Li-Ion
Talk Time: 3.00
Standby Time: 250
Expandable Memory: microSD / TransFlash
Radiation (SAR):
Main Screen: 0 colors (TFT / Accelerometer / Proximity Sensor / Ambient Light Sensor)320 x 480 px
External Screen: no
Camera: 3.0 MP / Auto-Focus / Geo-Tagging
MP3 Player: MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / AMR / WMA
FM Radio: no
Speakerphone: yes
Push-To-Talk: no
Wallpapers: 320 x 480 px
Screen Savers: 320 x 480 px
Ring Tones: MP3
Themes: yes
Games: Android Market
Streaming Multimedia: YouTube (MPEG-4 / H.263 / H.264)
SMS: yes
EMS: yes
MMS: yes
Email: POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP / Gmail
Chat: AOL / ICQ / Google / Windows Live / Yahoo
Predictive Text: Handwriting Recognition
Phonebook Capacity:
Calendar: Google Calendar
To-Do List: yes
WAP: 2.0 (Webkit / Google Search)
Voice Commands: Garmin Voice Studio
Calculator: yes
Bluetooth: 2.1 (A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP)
Infrared Port: no
High-Speed Data: HSDPA
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g
GPS: Garmin Navigation
PC Sync: USB 2.0
Discussion: Smartphone / PDA Forum

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unlock code   tendy liwy
i am trying to change my sim card to fsm tc sim card and my phone got locked. please me the unlock codes so that i can be able to use it on my island..
unlock code   glehn23
kindly help need unlock code for my garmin-asus garmin imei: 357355031503193.
i'm lock out   bil
i have simple mobile service plan on my phone. it is a t-mobile garmin asus a50. i got a network lock. and also i have 1 try left before,( i guess) it will unlocked for good. (is that true?)i've been try'n unlock codes from simple cust. ser. could not help. wtf!! sorry... my imei# 357355031597252. i see that others have this problem and they posted this number. i want to be a believer that you can help me. namaste.
unlock my smart phone   sean
would any one provide me with the unlock code for my garmin asus please imei: 357355030501560. thanks.
unlock code   alexander
hi, i have tried a few persons to unlock my phone and it was not successful. my imi: 357355031054908please send me it as soon as possible.thanks in advancealexander
unlocked garminfone   antonio
i want to unlock my cell phone imei; 357355031206763. i need the code. change of company. thanks
unlock garminfone   vaughn
imei:357355031497925email me @: yombie_20@yahoo. com
garmin - asus a50 unlock code    alvydas galite sugeneruoti telefono garmin - asus a50 atrakinimo kodą?ime: 357355030250432už tinkamai atliktą paslaugą apmok?siu.pasi?lymus galite rašyti ? paštą dzaulis@gmail. com su prierašu "garmin - asus a50 atrakinimo kodas ".
unlock code pls   opokdu richard
garmin asus a50 imei: 357355030446428
imei # 357355031055830   yousif khogali
can u provide me code and how to unlock my garmimfonethanx
hello   ronnie
garmin-asus imei 357355031163246
garminfone a50 unlock code   david
hi!please supply me with a unlock codefor my garminfone a50!!! imei: 357355031828251. locked to t-mobile usa.thanks heaps!!!
unclock garmin a50   fleflo
hello please unlock my garmin a50lock in videotronimei: 355998031163633thank s
unlocking code imei 352860030290879   imrsn pasha
its emergency plszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help
garminfone    irfan
please help me unlock my garmifone ime # 357355031660704 thanks
garminasus nuvifone a10   max borov
hallo. i need a code to unlock my gramin asus pls do help me to unlock my garminfone asus. the details are listed below imei: 359881030379341dank je wel, max.
garmin asus a50   trongthu
how to get the code that garminfone a50, and receipt do i do how to open carry?
please unlock my garminfone   nguyen
my imei: 357355031757385
country code garmin asus a50   adnan abid
i need country code of my garmin asus a50 imei # 355998031960152
network unlocking   
pls tell me how i unlock network my t mobile, germin asus model no. 01000846
unlook my phone   mostafa saiwwdw
my phone hade lokedw
garminfone unlock code   alan reyes
i need to unlock my phone and anybody couldnt help with that here, could you? please.. imei:357355030671801
can you send me an unlock code? i can pay!   marjan
my imei is 357355030607474
network code   samson
please can you help me unlock my phone with 0 attempts left. thank south garminfone
unlocked code fabric    andres
i need teh code please is too urgent
unlock code   nathan raine
hi, i have been trying to get the unlock code for my garminfone from t-mobile for awhile. i travel alot and now i'm in kuwait. i have my garminfone with me and it's just useless right now. i also have to purchase sim cards from the different countries that i travel to in order to maintain communication with my boss. i have my old faithful motorola v360 and it works find. i would really like to be able to use my $500.00 garminfone when i travel, so if anyone out there have the unlock code for the germinfone can you please help me. thanks.
help please    daniel
please i need to unlock my germinfone imei no : 357355031177634any help is highly appreciated.
please send unlock code for garminfone   nikolay seryy
moved to russia from usa. i got garminfone. like it so much. please help me to unlock for russiam provider beeline. imei 357355039052714thank a lot...pipilatz@gmail. com
i need code for gsm to garmin- asus    ahmed mando
i need code for gsm to garmin-asus nuvifone a50 t mobileimei: 357355031154153i was in egypt and i need it so much
unlock garminasus a10   ad martens
i need to unlock my garmin imei 35988103045963 please
help   eugene akposoe
please help unlock my garminfone imei. 357355030408931
garminfone asus   hw
need unlock code for garminfone asus, imei=355998031977271
help   fred
please kindly send me my unlock code for my garminfone. imei: 357355030942764. thanks very much
garmin asus a50   trongthu
lam the nao de nhan duoc ma code garminfone a50,va khi nhan duoc thi toi phai lam the nao de mo mang?
unlock code garmin asus a50   cinthia
i need the unlock codes for the phone's garmin asus a50, the imei's are the followings:1.- 3573550307672292.- 357355031393611thanks very much.
unlock code    phouvanai
imie : 357355031445940 hlep me pls
unlock garmin asus a 50   richard
unlock code for garmin-asus a50 imei#355998031934009
unlock code please   basheer
need help unlocking my phone   cordell
i need help unlocking my t-mobile garminfone pleasemy imei # is 357355039022832 thank you and i hope you can help.
garmin asus   syman
kindly request code to unlocked my garmin asus a10 nuvifone with imei no. 359881030712350 thank you very much in return regards,
garmin fone a50 unlocking code required plz   asif gondal
plz send me unlocking code of imei# 357355031055046plzzzzzzzzzzz with bundle of thanks
bluetooth locked   fiston
hello, i have garmin asus a10 but my bluetooth and my gps are locked and i don't know how i can do it so please help me thanks
unlock code for garmin asus a50 with videotron   geeb
could you please help me unlock my phone. contract finish with videotron. omei 355998034592630
unlock code   jose alberto
imen: 357355030408394
please give me free unlock code garminfone   kevinluu
your fone imei 357355039174294
free unlock code for garminfone   nick
imei 357355039052714
need code    dong hua
i have a phone garmin asus, ime 357355030280785. thanks
unlock my phone   abel
can u help me to unlock my phone imel357355030893777
unlock code for garminfone    art
greatly appreciate if you send me a unlock code for garminfone imei# 357355030970773thank you very much...
asus a50 unlock code   chirva
hi, i need an unlock code for my garmin a50 imei 357355030237009

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