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Garmin-Asus Garminfone Features

Network: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100
Form Factor: Block / Google Android OS v1.6
Antenna: Internal
Navigation: Touch Screen
Battery Type: 1150 mAh Li-Ion
Talk Time: 3.00
Standby Time: 250
Expandable Memory: microSD / TransFlash
Radiation (SAR):
Main Screen: 0 colors (TFT / Accelerometer / Proximity Sensor / Ambient Light Sensor)320 x 480 px
External Screen: no
Camera: 3.0 MP / Auto-Focus / Geo-Tagging
MP3 Player: MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / AMR / WMA
FM Radio: no
Speakerphone: yes
Push-To-Talk: no
Wallpapers: 320 x 480 px
Screen Savers: 320 x 480 px
Ring Tones: MP3
Themes: yes
Games: Android Market
Streaming Multimedia: YouTube (MPEG-4 / H.263 / H.264)
SMS: yes
EMS: yes
MMS: yes
Email: POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP / Gmail
Chat: AOL / ICQ / Google / Windows Live / Yahoo
Predictive Text: Handwriting Recognition
Phonebook Capacity:
Calendar: Google Calendar
To-Do List: yes
WAP: 2.0 (Webkit / Google Search)
Voice Commands: Garmin Voice Studio
Calculator: yes
Bluetooth: 2.1 (A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP)
Infrared Port: no
High-Speed Data: HSDPA
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g
GPS: Garmin Navigation
PC Sync: USB 2.0
Discussion: Smartphone / PDA Forum

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please any one send me unlock code..   abbas
please i really need a code at any cost.. pleasemy imei:357355031215251
unlocked code fabric    andres
i need teh code please is too urgent
garminfone imei #357355030641556    peter
need unlock code please - thank you very much in advance
unlocking my garminfone tmobile   phillip
garmin asus garminfone model 01000846imei : 357355030276023sn: a3aaas030232please help me with the unlocking code and the too many attempts lode on screen, thanx
unlock code   sean blinqz
can you please help me to unlock my garminfone. imei 357355031222950
to unlock t-mobile asus garmifone a50   mario mendiola
please help me to unlock my t-mobile asus garmifone a50 imei:357355039002321 thanks, mario
how to unlock my garming asus   nanaberima
i cant unlock my at &t garming asus with model # 01000846 to work with another network.
unlock   jean-yves vinet
could a have a unlock code for my asus a50mei : 355998034669776contract with videotron, quebec, canadathanks
i need reply on my code for my garminfone imei 35   larry
pls i really need a reply cuz i don't even have a phone tonuse now but i believe with the help of u i will be counted as someone with a phone again pls am counting of you.thanks you
unlock my garminfone (garmin asus)   xbores
i need the code to unlock my garminfone a50 imei: 357355030443615
garmin - asus a50 unlock code    alvydas
hello. maybe you can generate a phone garmin - asus a50 unlock code? ime: 357355030250432 appropriate for the service rendered for payment.
network code   samson
please can you help me unlock my phone with 0 attempts left. thank south garminfone
hard reset   hafizalihassan
my sete is garmin asus fone modele#01000846 when start show network locked and not open menu and icone plz help me any body.
pc sync with garminfone   adam whitson
i need to have the program download to sync my pc with my garminfone. ihave tryed everything what can i do to sync phone to pc?
help me   tuan huy
ime 357355039174294
unlock garmin asus   nguy?n phú
you have to unlock garmin asus.ime: 35735503135295lock t-mobile networkcan not unlock him free!thank you!
unlock my garminfone asus   eduardo guillen
please help me unlock my phone.imei:357355031825265
hi    samuel
hi, pls can u help me get my germinfone unlocking code.
i need my unlock code   jadeed
i need my unlock code after reset
unlock code garminfone   kemy
hi can u help me out ma ime # 357355030720558
unlock code   shery
guyz my imei num is 357355031317735 sn num is a7aaas098463 kindly give me the unlock plz
need the unlock code   raul robles
i need the unlock code for my t-mobile a50 garmina-sus, can you help me.....
network code for garmin a50    styxone
plz guys ai need the network code for garmin a50 imei 355998031182625 canada
to use the internet sharing for my laptop   barry
i need to know what drivers i need to share internet with my laptop and how much are they please i am a retired vet and need to b able to get online for alot of my va stuff
unlock code   guido alvarez
i need a code to unlock a garmin asus, help please
unlock code for my garminfone    nick
please help me. i have a garminfone bath no key for unlock them.imei: 35735503059386410x
celular   alberto mendez
liberar garminfone asus
unlock code from t-mobile    ilia
i can also unlock code from t-mobile my imei 357355030333840. ilsmolencev@gmail. com thanks
unlock code for garminfone asus   robert smith
can anybody help me to unlock my phone from tmobile
please send unlock code for garminfone   nikolay seryy
moved to russia from usa. i got garminfone. like it so much. please help me to unlock for russiam provider beeline. imei 357355039052714thank a lot...pipilatz@gmail. com
unlock   trevor
i have a garmin a 50 nuvifone from videotron (montreal canada) i would like to know if you can unlocked it free i want it to be with rogers
unlock phone    kurt
can i get the unlock code for garmin asus a50 357355039179988
garminasus nuvifone a50   andrew
i need the unlock code for garmin asus nuvifone a50 imei:355998032000420
garminfone t-mobile a50   jackson
hi, i need unlock code for garminfone. imei:357355031659771. yhanks
pls help   nasykel
please i beg you in the name of god i need unlock code for my garmin asusimei: 357355039180333sn: a5aaas046446my email is tyron.smith11@gmail. complease anyone
unlock my asus a50 please.........   ronald
my asus a50 imei is 355998031944487please help me to unlock my mobile~thanks a lot~!!!!!!
garmin asus phone   ray
yes im here in the dominican republic and need the unlock code for my phone i need to have the phone un blocked please help me out with the code
please help   toraf
unlock my garmin asus,imi#357355031376111 can somebody help with the code
unlock code required   qadeer
dear sirplease let me know unlock code for garminfone, android 2.1. further please also tell me how could i move apps in phone memory to sd memory?please help me in this regard and become a cause of problem solver.thanksqadeer ahmed butt
need unlock code for my marmin nuvifone a50 video   benoit guimond
need help to have a unlock code for my phone videotron garmin a50 code imei: 355998034634309
unlock   chris
please help me unlock my garmifone ime # 357355030917832 thanks
i need the unlock code for my asus garminfone plz   kenny
imei# 357355030303975, plz help me with the unlock code, thx
hello   laurenzio
is here someone who recive the unlock code for garmin asus garminfone?
how to solve internet problem   lulu
hi, i have garminasus a50 in mexico city, but can't work with telcel sim card, which doesn't allow me to browse by gsm nor 3g. appreciate your help!!
my gsrmin isl ock   priscilla
can u please unlock my garmin asus imei is 357355031519397
unlock code   jose alberto
imen: 357355030408394
garmin asus network unlock code    yusuf
plz, i need an unlock code for my tmobile garminfone. imei 357355030465493
help for my garminfone   laventure edouard
can you please send me my garminfone unlock code ?,it says network lock,
unlock my garmin asus imei # 357355031306662 sn.#   martin corona
thanks alot the imei #357355031306662
help   zhora
help my unlock phone garminfone ime 357355031552166

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